Discovery Aviation, Inc. will be exhibiting at the Farnborough International Airshow for the first time this year. Discovery is a new and exciting entrant to the Global General Aviation scene, and we are proud to be making our European debut at Farnborough during the bi-annual exhibition taking place from July 14 - 20, 2014.

Discovery Aviation will have a booth in Hall 3, Booth B1 in the US Pavilion, where we exhibit the features and benefits of our certified Part 23 aircraft: the multi-role, 7 place twin engine, STOL, 201 utility airplane, and the world's most economic IFR trainer, the XL-2. Both of these aircraft are money-makers. Rick Cunliffe, the CEO, and Paul Bartlett, the COO will both be on hand welcoming anyone interested in discussing opportunities with Discovery Aviation.

Since acquiring the rights to produce the XL-2 in March of this year, Discovery has been busy updating the XL-2 for production, and working to complete the FAA TC validation of the 201. Discovery is also closing in on a decision as to where it will be producing the XL-2 and the 201 in the United States. We plan to choose our new home very soon, and begin production of the XL-2 followed by the 201 as soon as the certification process is complete.

The XL-2 is the world's most economical IFR Certified trainer, and the ideal aircraft to help train the large number of pilots that are going to be required around the globe. It is certified in over 30 countries, and has already been well accepted around the world. The 201 is a truly versatile utility aircraft, featuring unique amphibious capabilities, excellent STOL performance, and a large, reconfigurable fuselage with large access doors on each side and in the rear. We are very excited about the opportunity to begin delivering both of these productive, money-making aircraft to the global aviation market.

We would like to invite you to come visit us at Farnborough.

To arrange for a meeting at Farnborough, please submit an email to our Marketing Department.