Press Release: April 2nd, 2014

5153550Discovery Aviation Inc. is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights to manufacture the Liberty XL-2, and that the resulting transaction, which will see the former senior management team of Liberty Aerospace Inc join Discovery Aviation, will allow the IFR certified aircraft to resume production.

The Liberty XL-2, already acknowledged as a low operating cost solution for IFR primary training, and certified in more than 50 countries worldwide, will be in a class of its own with the updates and improvement to the new production standard - a standard that will support the significant demand for professional pilots for the world’s airlines, military's, and business operators.

Rick Cunliffe, CEO of Discovery Aviation, commented on the merger: “We have found the perfect partner, in Liberty and the XL-2. Combining the expertise and experience of the two organizations will result in a stronger and more capable entity. We have two aircraft that will have tremendous appeal to aviation businesses all around the world. These are both airplanes that will make people money.”

The new Discovery 201, a multi role, twin engine utility aircraft, will be manufactured alongside the XL-2, as soon as the FAA TC validation is complete. The Company will capitalize on the benefits of manufacturing two FAA certified aircraft under one Production Certificate. The two aircraft are complimentary, and the company will be able to offer the aviation industry two unique airplanes that are capability leaders in their markets.

"We've been seeking a strategic investor with the financial commitment to build a sustainable business. The fact that we have found one with a complimentary aircraft and synergies on many levels is clearly a bonus" commented Paul Bartlett, the former President & CEO of Liberty Aerospace Inc.

Discovery Aviation are exhibiting the 201 and the XL-2 at Sun n Fun 2014 at Space MD-2.

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