The Discovery XL-2 was the first IFR, two-place, single engine aircraft to be Certified to US Federal Aviation Part 23 Regulations in decades - the highest safety standards in the world today.  The XL-2 is also the first FAA Certified piston-powered aircraft with FADEC - a digital engine management system offering superior safety, reliability, economy and maintainability.  Fail-safe structural design includes a welded steel chassis with energy-absorbing impact sones, and a carbon fiber fuselage with integral lightning-strike protection.  A built-in roll-cage, four-point harnesses for pilot & passenger, zero fuel management, rapid egress doors, unmatched visibility and advanced GPS navigation systems, all come standard.


Excellent low speed stability and control

  • Light plane stick forces with good control harmony
  • Excellent pitch and roll response

Low stall speed

  • Short takeoff and landing distances
  • Improved safety for engine-out landing
  • Docile flapped and clean stall characteristics

4130 Chrome-Moly Welded Steel Chassis Carbon-Fiber Sandwich Construction Fuselage

  • Excellent crashworthiness
  • Good service life
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Materials exceeds latest FAA composite materials design requirements for maximum temperature strength
  • Excellent fatigue Life
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Simple Repairability
  • Other color than white

Energy absorbing impact zones

  • All-round protection

Damage tolerant / fail-safe structural design

  • Laminated mechanically pastered aluminum spar construction
  • Dual section main wing spar

Integral lightning-strike protection

  • Occupant systems protection

Crush-proof fuel tank

  • Aluminum fuselage mounted - well protected in it's own zone

Roll-over protection

  • Wide tricycle gear
  • Overhead protection roll bar

3-point seat harness

  • Shoulder and lap

Certified engine

  • Certified to FAR Part 23 requirements

IFR Certified

  • Automatic electrical backup system

Emergency Exit

  • Meets the latest FAA egress requirements

Quality Control

  • Manufactured in USA by FAA approved facility

Field of view

  • Excellent visibility - see and avoid

Ergonomic cockpit design

  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Simplified flight controls


  • Full range of modern GPS / NAV / COMM / AUDIO
  • Certified to meet FAR 23 Amendment 53, more stringent safety regulation than our competitors


  • Automatic fuel/air management
  • No carburetor icing control necessary
  • Low pilot workload