productive. economical. maintainable. practical.

The Discovery XL-2 single engine, two-place aircraft is economical to fly and easy to maintain. It’s fuselage is formed from carbon fiber with a welded steel chassis and is designed for years of trouble-free service and structural reliability. Owners of the Discovery XL-2 get more for their money. The Discovery XL-2 is an airplane that works hard, is economical to operate and maintain, and makes a great deal of money for its business operators because of lower operating costs.

The Discovery XL-2 is designed with large maintenance access panels and a modular design. Typically, the XL-2 can be maintained for 40% less than its nearest competitor. And you can download and diagnose every minute of the engine’s life with our unique life-time engine monitoring system. The Discovery XL-2 is powered by a Continental IOF-240B with FADEC, producing 125 hp (93 kW).

The XL-2 flies at 125 knots/hour for 500 miles, sipping just 5.0 gallons per hour of fuel [the most fuel efficient in its class]. The FADEC system continuously monitors and adjusts engine settings to assure the maximum efficiency in any flight condition, which translates into low hourly fuel burn rates. The Discovery XL-2 interior and exterior is designed for efficiency, comfort and safety.  The unique Gullwing doors make entry and exit simple and the canopy offers 270 degrees of visibility for panoramic views and improved traffic observation and avoidance.  The 48″ wide cabin gives pilot and passenger more elbow room.  The bucket seats are comfortable ergonomic memory foam. Rudder pedals are adjustable and flight controls are located on the center console which can be easily reached by a passenger or instructor.

The flight deck is an impressive 21st century design. Standard avionics include a Garmin GTN650 Nav/Com, a GMA350 Audio panel, a GTX 33 Transponder, a GI 106A CDI/GS and a MD200-306 CDI/GS. Additional avionics are available that include a Garmin G500 Dual Screen Electronic Flight Display, a DME, an ADF or an Autopilot.

What are your needs?

The Discovery XL-2 is designed to be comfortable, economical to operate and inexpensive to maintain.  The XL-2 can be configured to meet your specific business or personal requirements.

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